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If you’re a fan of the Montreal International Jazz Festival and happen to be in town before the fest kicks off on June 25, you should consider checking out the incredible wealth of fest-related photos, recordings, articles and more found at The Médiathèque Jazz/La Presse…

You can, of course, get in virtual line and starting buy your 2011 Jazz Fest tickets now, but the Médiathèque Jazz/La Presse resource centre is open all-year-long and admittance is free. Found on the 3rd floor of the Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan on Saint-Catherine, the depth and scope of this collection of fest-related material is immediately evident.

You can access over 600 hours of recordings (including a lot of never-seen-before concert footage), their 5000+ album collection, tens of thousands of archived photos, plus programs and articles that span the fest’s entire history. This really is just the surface of what this collection contains, but I’ll point you towards an incredible collection of monographs on jazz- guides, biographies and more- which are overseen by Médiathèque’s head librarian.

You can also surf over to the Archives section of the Jazz Fest’s website, but obviously the best way to experience music is to, you know, hear it live, so why not check out their Jazz All Year Round series, which kicks off next week. They’ve got blues, rock, world music and even some jazz concerts coming up and since we’ve been talking about music for long enough in this post, I’ll just let the music speak for itself…

Buddy Guy, April 7

Bruce Cockburn, April 13 & 14

Salif Keita, April 15

The Dave Liebman Group, May 18



La Médiathèque Jazz/La Presse, 305 Sainte-Catherine West, 3rd floor, (514) 288-8882

Open: Monday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Photo Credit: Frederique Menard-Aubin

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