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Heyo, Squirrog here, the biggest Jazz Fest fan in all of Mont- Oh snap, look at all those people looking at me in that picture! Get a room, it’ll last longer!  Where was I? Oh right- so I can’t believe I got a job playing Frogger for Tourisme Montreal! Wait… getting a text from Foxutan… Oh man, that guy is hilares… wait, what’s a blogger? Anyway, JAZZ FEST!

So, let’s get it outta the way- I’m half squirrel half frog ALL JAZZ. I’ve been playing trumpet like my whole life- which is like 8 years in frog years and like 14 in squirrel years. My fave jazz cat is Miles Davis who is known as Kilometers Davis in Canada… wait getting a text from Leetah… he says that joke isn’t funny in any country. Dude, people with necks that ridiculous shouldn’t be talking about what’s funny. Seriously, look at thing!

OtripleMG! I’ve had like 90 zillion Red Bulls today and I’m jazzed six ways from Sunday night. Where were we? Oh right, J FEST! I think the squares call it the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal and it goes from June 25 to July 4. It’s pretty much, no it’s definitely for sure the biggest Jazz Fest in the whole world and LEGENDS like Miles, Keith Jarrett, Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King…ok, and basically everyone in the world who was ever good at good music has played there! K- one sec check out my man blow while I FacetwitterMysquarespace…

And people say I look weird??? Anyhoodles, who are the big jazz names coming this year? The one and only Robert Plant, super legend Peter Frampton, The Roots, Youssou N’Dour, Lee Fields, Daniel Lanois and…wait a second, those guys don’t play Jazz! What the honk!

Think it’s unhealthy to shotgun a 6 pack of Red Bull? It’s not? Good, cause I just did. Anyway, they do have REAL JAZZ all up over the Quartier des Spectacles- for my American friends that’s not a place where they have ¼ shows but actually it’s this overinsane spot downtown where there’s all these outdoor and indoor stages and people and hotdogs and poutines and beers and OMG I’d love a beer right now! Seriously, how good is Beer? These guys I work told me about some awesome Beer Spots in Montreal!

Where was I? Oh, yeah JAZZ HANDS! This year there’s Dave Brubeck, Dave Holland, Esperanza Spalding, Oliver Jones, Brad Mehldau, Joshua Redman, Tony Bennett and also everyone else. There’s like 800 concerts and like 3000 musicians and free shows and BEER and it’s pretty much amazingly for sure no doubt about it the great time ever in Montreal.

WHOA- who wrote all that stuff up there??!?! DAG! I think I need a nap. JAZZ!


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