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Before the soundcheck for his Thursday night show at Metropolis, French beatsmith Wax Tailor and I found a quiet corner to have a quick chat about what he has planned for Montreal and what he hopes Montreal has planned for him…

Brendan Murphy: So are you going to have a chance to see some other Jazz Fest shows while you’re in Montreal?

Wax Tailor: For me, it will be 5 days here and some of the band is staying a bit longer. Yesterday night we arrived and went straight to The Roots, I’m going to try go see Anti-Pop Consortium, I’d like to see my friend Bonobo. My flutist is very involved in the jazz scene and she knows more about it than me, so I’m going to follow her around a bit.

BM: Who will be joining you on stage?

WT: For this show, I’ve got a singer, an MC, a flute player, a cello player and a violin player who is from Canada, which I think is quite cool. They are part of the arrangements and they were a part of the record, they are very important to me because they are in front of the people, so I want them to be a part of everything. We try to bring a real team aspect to the live show. We also have some visuals that pull everything together.

BM: You music has had elements of hip-hop, trip-hop, electro, breakbeats and more to it- do you think that music is becoming less concerned with putting people into specific boxes?

WT: Definitely, when I started this 20 years ago, I was only making hip-hop and I was focused on that. People in the electro scene were over here and the rock scene was over there. But now, it’s very natural for kids that are coming up to mix everything and I think they are much more clever about that. The mixing of music is very interesting. People often say to me that my music is very difficult to classify and I ask:  “is that very important?” I don’t think it is!


Thursday, July 1st

Metropolis, 8:30 Pm

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