Montreal Nightlife: Korova

Posted on June 30th, 2009 by .

For the second installment in the Montreal Nightlife video series, I visited Korova, a great nightclub on St-Laurent Boulevard. I spoke to Korova’s Nick Robinson in his luxurious office to find out more about this no-nonsense bar (for example, his drink recommendations were bourbon and/or beer).

Though they’ve got one of the most diverse lineups of DJ nights, Robinson’s two favourites are Wednesdays, which is punk and everything underground, and Thursday nights, which is Motown, soul, rock and roll. Whatever your taste in dancing, their dancefloor overlooking St-Laurent is a great way to experience the real Montreal Nightlife scene.

Music provided by Montreal musician C-P Megarbane

Korova, 3908 boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal, QC, H2W 1Y2, (514) 904-6444


  1. p.

    / May 8th

    the bouncer is really rude, his name is sheldon and he has hipster glasses. he just lets in all the hot girls with big boobs while there have been many people waiting for over an hour to get in. really rude. don’t waste your time going to korovas when you can go to a MUCH BETTER CLUB that has NICE PEOPLE WORKING.

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