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The year: 3011. Earth is now called Planet 69 located in Glam Sector of The 3R3-KT Universe. Earthlings are silly peons compared to their machine counterparts. But the gays and lesbians of Montreal (now called North Franco NYC) are still as fabulous and equal as ever…

OK, so not really. But 3011: Odyssey of the Future is the theme of Montreal’s Gay Pride Celebrations 2011, which uses the future to inspire creativity, to engage participants to think how far we’ve come in the five years of Montreal Pride and to imagine where the next millennium will take us. Montreal Pride 2011 invites everyone to go wild with their visions of the future, be it intergalactic  travel, laser beam stun guns, or a sexy alien underwear invasion. I’m already designing my special space suit, complete with alien blasting hyperbeams. (Special Space Suit: Wearing the least amount clothes as possible without being arrested, and strapping toilet paper tubes wrapped in tinfoil on my head. It’s still in prototype stage…)

For the second year in a row, Montreal will be “Sharing the Pride.” Montreal is a world leader in diversity and gay rights, however there are many countries around the world where basic human rights are violated every day. This is an initiative to spread pride and diversity around the world, so we can all hope to a better and brighter planet long before 3011. This year’s Grand Marshal will be Cameroonian lawyer Alice Nkom, a worldwide activist for LGBTQ rights.

The parade will once again rocket down Rene-Levesque Blvd in the heart of Downtown on Sunday, August 14, between Guy and Sanguinet (heading east). For 2.35 kilometres, thousands of LGBT, Queer, and Straight spectators will show line the streets to cheer on and support this pride movement! Floats to look forward to are Mado‘s (who last year glided above the parade in a tall cherry picker.), TD Bank‘s massive green truck complete with hundreds of shirtless men covered in green glitter, and my personal favourite: The Gay Line Dancing Group. The Parade will end at Parc Emilie Gamelin, where the huge T-Dance Mega Dance party. Oh the pride! Oh the memories we will have.

Lots of activities and events are schedule to happen during this 4 day event, like Community Day on Saturday, August 13. Keep on eye out for more information being released every day! Check back at the Montreal Buzz for complete Pride, Divers/Cité, and Queer of the Year coverage in the coming weeks. My spaceship is waiting to take me back to my new home planet of KAWF33, so I’ll see you in the year 3011! (August 9-14, 2011)



Montreal Pride Celebrations: 3011 – Odyssey of the Future, August 9-14, 2011

Community Day: Saturday, August 13 in the Gay Village

Parade: Sunday, August 14 on Rene Levesque between Guy and the Gay Village.

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