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Still haunted by the many, many ruffles on that dress? In retrospect, maybe you’re regretting that off-beige tuxedo? Or perhaps you just wish you could have brought the date you wanted to. Do your Prom over again on April 9 at Montreal’s Queer Prom 2011…

So let’s be honest: nobody was cool in High School. Nobody. This is probably why most of us cringe at the thought of what was once our most cherished relic: The Prom Photo. The Prom Photo is basically a snapshot into a time when we were at the height of our un-coolness. Everything from the hair, pimples, braces, ill-fitting tuxedos and ruffled pastel dresses – all frozen in time in one single frame.

This is my Prom photo. As you can all see, I’m standing alone. This is because I was one of about three boys openly out as gay at my High School in Calgary, AB. I was single on the day of Prom because, by that time, I had already dated (and been dumped by) all the other gays. Looking back, all I can think of is “if only I could do this day over…” With skinny pants, a haircut that costs more than $15 and some smoking hot piece of man candy by my side. We would waltz in together, push through the crowd and do something like this:

Montreal Queer Prom 2011 gives me the dance floor and audience to finally do this. For locals and anyone queer who is lucky enough to be in Montreal for the occasion, this is our moment. The Montreal Queer Prom is the chance to wear what you want, bring whomever and have a night you’ll never forget. The way Prom was meant to be. So on April 9th, 2011 – get some formal attire and show your High School self exactly how awesome you grew up to be!

Montreal’s Queer Prom 2011 will be held at La Sala Rossa on Boulevard St-Laurent. The night will include all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a Prom, just a little gayer. Enter under a balloon archway, dance to a live cover band “Ron’s Fantasy”, get your cheesy Prom photo taken and someone will be crowned Prom Kink and Prom Queer. Also, what Queer Prom would be complete without a blood-soaked Carrie?

Marc Hall and Constance McMillan are two queer teenagers who both got significant media coverage in the fight against their schools after trying to ban them from bringing their same-sex partners. Marc Hall won his case and slow danced with his boyfriend, but Constance McMillan’s Prom got canceled entirely. This is why Montreal’s Queer Prom is an important event, so people can be themselves with the people they love.

So don’t miss Montreal’s Queer Prom. It promises to be the queerest night of the year. Dress up (no ruffles this time), eat cake, slow dance with your date and have a moment where you can relish in the fact you actually turned out pretty cool.


Guest Blogger: Alex Dunphy



Saturday, April 9th, Sala Rossa – 4848 St-Laurent (Tickets are $20 at the door. Doors are at 8:30 PM)


  1. Roland Cuir

    / Mar 15th

    I don’t know what Alex is talking about here! Even in the old prom photo he is the cutest thing in the whole world, no exaggeration. Like, I’d be lucky if I retroactively asked him to my Prom and he agreed. We would go to every place he has mentioned on Tourisme Montreal. We would sip wine and watch Queer as Folk. Then, who knows what? My point is that Alex is adorable and a flawless blogger.

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