Montreal Restaurant: Hidden Market

Posted on March 9th, 2009 by .

“Have you heard about Hidden Market? It’s a secret restaurant that’s actually hidden somewhere in Montréal.”

These words, which came to me by email, were… Frankly, intriguing! They called to my passion for secrets and, of course, food.

I quickly discovered that reservations can only be made online. Once that’s done, you get a confirmation message, but no clues as to where dinner will be held, other than “a few steps away from Jean-Talon Market.” In fact, it’s not until two days before the dinner that you get sent more detailed instructions. They certainly know how to whet your appetite for mysteries!

Now, when you’re going to eat at a chef’s house, it stands to reason that the food is going to be great. And, of course, it was! We had fresh green pea soup, homemade goose pâté, wild mushroom risotto, and labneh-ricotta and rhubarb jam dessert.

Francois, the chef, told me he created this restaurant with tourists in mind. Having eaten in hidden restaurants in different cities around world, he realized they were a great way to dive into new cultures. So he brought the concept home to Montréal, and now that I’ve tried it, I can only agree with him.

Here’s my tip: If you are travelling alone, dinner at Hidden Market is a great way to meet people!

Hidden Market
(Near Jean-Talon Market)

Dinner is served on Thursday and Friday nights
Online reservations needed


  1. aryane gamache

    / Apr 23rd

    regarding to what i read, your seemed to be a really good place to go to have good food and good time

  2. Joe V

    / Oct 12th

    How do I make reservations? and what’s the price range?

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