Montreal Shopping Wish list #2: Corno’s artwork

Posted on June 30th, 2009 by .

This one’s quite simple: I want a Corno painting. Actually, let me rephrase that. I’m dying for a Corno painting.
Who’s the object of my wall’s desires? None other than Quebec-born painter Johanne Corno, the self-described urban expressionist whose big dreams landed her in the Big Apple more than 15 years ago. But guess what! She’s back in town for the Jazz Festival with an amazing piece you can’t afford to leave hanging!
Her one-of-a-kind painting is entitled Face for Jazz, and here’s the scoop: I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET A SNEAK PEEK OF IT YESTERDAY BEFORE THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF THE FESTIVAL! Presented at the GALERIE DU FESTIVAL alongside works by artists such as Tony Bennett, Miles Davis, Lhasa de Sela and Jean-Paul Riopelle, this marvellous piece is the object of all my desires.
I’ve wanted a Corno FACE for years now. Unfortunately, my cramped digs meant never having enough space to showcase her oversized canvases in all their glory.

While I’ve been moving into bigger apartments, Corno has been growing in demand, presenting her artworks in Dubai, Singapore, Monaco, Seoul, Toronto, Venice, LA, Paris and Hong Kong -which means I now have enough space, but not enough moolah. Alas, you can’t blame the woman for making it big!

My best friend, however, got on the Corno wagon some years ago (back in the affordable days) and has her very own piece HANGING IN HER LIVING ROOM (read jealous). I swear that painting is a channel of light and energy that transcends deep into my very last bone every single time I enter the room.
I’m not quite sure if it’s the bold colours or the intense textures, but her art infuses me with a very powerful sense of spiritual freedom and raw sensuality. Perhaps it’s a combination of these things or perhaps it’s the vivid reminder that a strong, talented and determined woman is living her dream.
And that’s exactly the kind of energy I want hanging on my wall!
In the meantime, (that is, until I become a very wealthy journalist/TV personality/Oscar-winning documentary film producer), I like to hop on down to AKA GALLERY for a little inspiration à la Corno, knowing that one day, I, too, will have my very own.
Ps. I already asked the tooth fairy, but if prince charming happens to fall upon this page, THIS IS THE ONE I WANT. Thank you!
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Montréal, QC H3G2B8
Tél : 514 847 9539
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