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Nadia Giosia, a.k.a. Nadia G. is the sassy, rockstar host of Bitchin’ Kitchen. We paid a little visit to the Montreal set of her cooking show to ask her questions straight from her Facebook fans…

Tucked in a quiet little street in the heart of the Plateau neighbourhood, Nadia G’s studio welcomed us with a symphony of delicious smells. Josh, the producer, was wearing an awesome t-shirt in hot pink; he gave us a quick tour of Nadia’s pimped out kitchen, which at the moment was all decked out in red and green. The Bitchin’ Kitchen crew was in the midst of filming their Christmas Special, included in a string of brand new episodes for season number two – airing November 2 in the U.S. on The Cooking Channel, and a bit later on Food Network Canada.

Small and compact (with nicely cut biceps, I might add), Nadia’s larger-than-life on-screen persona is pretty much in sync with her easy-going off-screen demeanour. In other words, she’s really that cool. Dressed in a green shift dress, perfect ringlet curls, and gold stilettos, she looked one part naughty cherub and two parts sexy Santa’s elf, if such a thing exists.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Panos, the Greek fish monger or Hans, the show’s shirtless eye candy, but, yes, I did get to chat with the domestic diva herself, as well as knock knuckles with her triple-finger Bitchin’ ring, and share a grrl power high-five.

We received so many awesome questions for Nadia on Facebook, it was hard to narrow it down. Plus she gave so many fantastic (and hilarious) answers that it was a challenge to edit the priceless footage. Some good outtakes included Nadia’s favourite place to eat poutine (she likes Le Canard Liberé) and her exhaustive last meal menu should she ever be on Death Row, of which I quote, “It’s my last meal, I think I should be allowed to have more than one dessert, no?”


  1. Tina Rashed

    / Oct 25th

    I’m Adam’s Mom! 😉 Thank you so much Nadia and Patricia. Adam is going to be so happy when he sees this!

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