Montreal’s 5 best ice cream shops

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Montreal can be really hot and humid in the summer. Fortunately, you can find deliciously refreshing frozen treats pretty much everywhere. And since there’s no way I could eat it all myself, no matter how hard I try, I thought I’d share my favourite places for ice cream with you.

Best of the best: Point G
Without a doubt, my favorite is Point G. You’ve already heard me rave about their macaroons in a previous blog but their ice cream is really out of this world. Ingredients are imported from around the world, such as their Sicilian pistachios, and complex concoctions like the mojito ice cream, bursting with lime, mint and rum, will make you say “yum” out loud.

Point G
1266 Mont-Royal Ave. E.
(514) 750-7515
Point G website

Best gelato: Gastronomia Roberto
This is the place in Montreal for real Italian gelato. This institution has been open for more then 25 years and prepares gelato in the grand tradition of Italian gelataria. My lifelong favourite is the chocolate and hazelnut Bacci gelato.

Gastronomia Roberto
2227 Bélanger St.
(514) 374-5653
gastronomia roberto website

Best exotic flavor: Havre-aux-glaces
At the Jean-Talon or Atwater markets you can cool off at Havre-aux-glaces. Here, you can try a refreshing fruit sorbet or something exotic, like Mango Malaï – a mango frozen yogurt filled with exotic fruits and a touch of nutmeg. If you’re dining in Little Italy, you can stop by the Jean Talon location for dessert: it’s open until 10 pm every night during the summer.

Inside Jean-Talon Market
7070 Henri-Julien St.
(514) 278-8696

Inside Atwater Market
(514) 348-8696

Best chocolate ice cream: Ripples
After devouring a smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s on St-Laurent Boulevard, nothing will settle your stomach better than a bit of chocolate delight. Or maybe a lot of chocolate. Ripples offers six different kinds of ice cream that are guaranteed to give you a chocolate high. They even have one called 6X chocolate with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate plus chunks of each of these. Sinful! If you’re in the mood for something different, choose Kulfi ice cream, a mouthful of Indian sweetness infused with cardamom and pistachios.

3880 St-Laurent
(514) 842-1697
ripples website

Best soft-serve ice cream: Au Festin de Babette
I am not a huge fan of soft-serve ice cream, but Au Festin de Babette has developed a savvy concept: they use a frozen yogurt machine to prepare it, mixing regular ice cream with frozen fruit or spices and transforming it into a tasty treat. I love the one called Sevilla (masala spices, candied oranges and bananas) and the one called Yucatan (mango, banana and strawberry).

Au festin de Babette
4085 St-Denis
(514) 849-0214

Daniel Baylis also has something to share with you about the ice cream served at Les Glaceurs in Old-Montreal. Never tried. But you can bet I’ll be going soon!

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