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Wipe off your thumbs and whip out your iThings because when it comes to Montreal’s summer festivals, there’s an app for that!

Spring has finally stopped rickrolling us, so we can safely set our sights on Montreal’s beefy festival lineup: Osheaga, Piknic Electronik, Just For Laughs, Jazz Fest, MTL Heavy and our Pride events! Seems all a bit daunting to navigate, right? Not in 2012! We can now swipe, slide, pinch and click our way through the best Montreal Summer Festival Apps!

Montreal Jazz Fest (June 28–July 7): Jazz music might be as old as the cliffs, but this app is cutting edge! Full programming at your finger tips, artist profiles, music and video clips, an interactive map and a super awesome “radar” that uses the built in GPS to find the closest events to where you’re standing! I wonder if it will tell me exactly where I can find Liza

Piknic Electronik : Piknic Electronik happens every Sunday at Parc Jean-Drapeau. With this fancy App you can peruse the summer line-up, check out some podcasts, upload your best Piknic pics to a Photobooth and see what’s happening on the Piknic twitterverse. Electronic dance picnics never felt so digital!

Zoo Fest (July 5–29): Zoo Fest is Just For Laugh’s kinky cousin, and their iOS App is mad pretty. Find the shows, buy the tickets, twat about it, and then share your giggles and gasps on this new thing they call the “social media.”

Osheaga (August 3-5): For any lover of music, and large music festivals, this app is the app for you. Map out your musical journey through the festival grounds find what to do and eat, keep up with the latest news, share your photos with other Osheagers and find out what’s ON AIR during the festival! Now put that screen brightness on blast, and wave it in the air like it’s 2013!

Grindr (Divers/Cité and Montreal Pride): Ok, so not the OFFICIAL app of either of these festivals, but lez-b-honest. Whenever you get a large concentration of gay men in one place, doing the grind is inevitable. Just be careful at Divers/Cité’s Mascara or the Gay Pride Parade, you go on Grindr and your phone might spontaneously combust.

Heavy MTL (August 11–12): This App just looks flat-out badass. Like the other festival apps, you’ll be able to connect with other MTL rockers, get hooked up with the latest festival news, and find where your favorite bands are playing! Just don’t expect that tiny iPhone mic to record those blasting guitars!

STM : The official App of the Montreal Metro and Bus network! Look up the last train times, find out where you need to go to see that awesome thing at that awesome festival, and save your favorite stops! You want to see something in Montreal? This is the App that will get you there.

A Taste of Montreal: Tourisme Montreal partnered with the National Geographic Society to create an engaging and fun iPad App called “A Taste of Montreal.” The App includes over 250 pages of content, amazing foodie photos, panoramic image, plus recipes and tips from top Montreal chefs! Now, you’ll be able to take the most tasty souvenir of all home with you: Poutine!


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