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When podcasts were first introduced, they were usually about the things that most interested the internet-savvy people that first made them. But, as the rest of us caught on, the subject matter grew to include almost everything. So now that it’s 2010, when it comes to Montreal’s best podcasts, there’ a little something for everyone…

You could say that podcasts are basically just radio shows, except with a radio show you’ve got to be near a radio at a certain time. Which is probably why most radio shows now offer a podcast option as well. With podcasts, you can stream the episode whenever you like or simply download it to your favorite portable device. Whether it’s music, sports, news or even burgers, check out some of these podcasts to get excited for your trip to Montreal or bring them with you as you explore the city…

Midnight Poutine podcast : Like the website that hosts it, this podcast is great mix of music, upcoming events and a couple bad jokes thrown in. The music they play is either from Montreal bands or out-of-town groups about to play the city and is almost always great.

Habs Inside/Out puckcast : Even if you’re not a Montreal Canadiens hockey fan, I strongly suggest downloading this “puckcast” before you get to Montreal. If only to know what the cabbie who drove you in from the airport, the waiter serving you dinner and the guy (or girl) you just met in the bar are talking to you about….

Daybreak podcast : As I said before, radio shows were quick to realize what a benefit podcasts could be to their audience. Daybreak covers local, national and international news mixed in with interesting interviews.

Zeke on the Air : The man who ran a great (and now lamentably closed) independent art gallery, Chris “Zeke” Hand is now in charge of a mini Montreal podcast empire. Besides the flagship art podcast (linked above), he also covers dance on Movement Museum and, in my personal favorite, everything you could ever want to know about burgers.

Discovering “The Main” : This podcast about the fascinating people and places that have made St-Laurent, aka The Main, such an integral part of Montreal is only available in French. But it’s so good you should consider learning French.


  1. Redwing

    / Mar 29th

    I will definitely try the puckcast.

  2. Kelly T

    / Dec 6th

    There is another great podcast called Podcast. This is a honest no holds-barred real show that talks about life as we know it. It’s nice to hear the inside perspective on interracial couple. Great dynamic and very funny. Take a listen

  3. Owen Bloom

    / Feb 10th

    I do this podcast about songwriting in montreal, maybe it interests somebody: .Interesting article! Cheers. Owen.

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