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What could be more ‘Quebec’ than maple syrup!

A little trivia for visitors to Montreal.  Maple syrup, part of Montreal’s cuisine-culture, was discovered by Amerindians centuries ago.  Every spring they would make a ‘’V’’-shaped cut into the side of maple trees and insert pieces of bark to collect the sap.  Boiled down, this sweet liquid became a nutritious beverage.  In those days, maple sugar production was an important source of pure sugar. When the first French settlers arrived, the Indians traded maple sugar with them and taught them the secrets of the maple sugaring process  Today the maple industry in Quebec is greatly refined.  The delectable product is in demand all over the world. In fact, 71 % of the world’s maple sirup is made in Québec.

At the award-winning Canadian Maple Delights, you can sample yummy tastings, courtesy of the house.  The shop offers… wait for it…1,001 maple flavours!  Oh, and kids will love the ice cream ( even in winter!).  Stop by for a home-made pastry – sweetened with maple syrup of course.   Try the maple tea or coffee.  And, of course, take some home with you.  Not only is the syrup amazing in cooking, and fantastic on pancakes and French toast, but now Montreal’s Canadian Maple Delights also offers totally amazing body products, made with nature’s marvel – maple syrup. Be sure to visit these lovely shoppes when you are in Old Montreal. What a delicious memory!


Local cuisine secret?  Add a few drops (or more!) of maple syrup to your home-made salad dressing.


84 St. Paul Street East
87 de la Commune Street East

Stop by for coffee, tea, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and take home gifts to make people sweet.

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