Montreal’s Space For Life invites visitors to slow down

Posted on April 9th, 2014 by .

Life is quick. Before we know it, tomorrow is yesterday and another weekend has come and gone. This is why Space for Life is launching four entirely new and original programs so everyone can just slow down and breath for a bit. All four pillars of Space for Life (Botanical Gardens, Biodome, Instectarium, and Planetarium) have new visitor experiences which revolve around our relationship with time and nature…

SLOTHS AT THE BIODOME: Take the time to celebrate and come face-to-face with sloths—nature’s original slow poke—at the Biodome from June 7 to Ocotober 26, 2014! Visitors will walk along a soothing and zen-like artistic installation by Marie-Claire Lagacé designed to mimic the sloths natural habitat. The installation melds nature, ambient sound, sensory pleasures, and of course, the sloths.
MUSIC AT THE INSECTARIUM: In the middle of the butterfly gardens every Saturday from June 21 to August 30, relax and let original musical compositions serenade your senses. The musical stopovers are inspired by the sounds of insects, and are designed to let visitors slow down and connect with nature in a relaxing and tranquil way. Visitors will also be invited to taste fresh made honey, and build an insect hotel!

ART IN THE GARDEN: From May 18 to August 31 the Botanical Gardens will become natural space for art. Poets, painters, musicians, and storytellers will be wandering the gardens every Sunday and inviting visitors to explore the connections between nature and art. A string quarter amongst the fragrant lilacs, romantic poetry surrounded by flowers,and even tango dancers in the rose garden. The Botanical Gardens even has some big names coming out to perform: Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà, on May 18; Michel Faubert, on July 27; Marie-Josée Lord, on August 3; and Pierre Lapointe, on August 31.
GET VERTIGO AT THE PLANETARIUM: The new dome show at the planetarium explores time in all it’s shapes and forms. It asks the big question: What is time? Vertigo, by Jimmy Lakatos and Alexandre Burton, is a multi-sensory immersive show that delves into the poetic beauty of science and physics. The show raises as many questions as it answers, but one thing is clear: time is a very mysterious entity. While at the planetarium, check out the telescope pointed directly at the sun and the impressive collection of meteorites!

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