#MTLMOMENTS: 10 places to take amazing pictures in Montréal

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10 places to take amazing photos in montreal

Montréal is a very photogenic city. The architectural and natural beauty gives endless inspiration to both amateur and professional photographers alike. Here are 10 spots favored by a few Tourisme Montréal photographers! Click on the maps below the photographs to see the locations on Google…

1. Mount Royal Park

10 places to take amazing photos in montreal photo by susan moss

Mount Royal is home to woodland creatures, paths begging to be explored, fun outdoor activities, a giant summer jam session (Tam-Tams) and one of the best lookouts in the city. The Kondiaronk Belvedere and Mount Royal Chalet is where you’ll find the skyline shot made famous in all the brochures. The view stretches all the way out to the St. Lawrence River and beyond thanks to a law restricting the height of buildings to 200 meters above sea level.

mont royal chalet map 10 places to take amazing photos in montreal photo by susan moss

2. Old Port

habitat 67 montreal-old-port-blue

Montréal’s Old Port is a photographer’s dream- it’s a bric-a-brac of visual interest, both new and old. From the historic buildings, the still modern-looking Habitat 67, the always eerie Silo #5, and the beautiful Clock Tower. It’s best to keep the camera at the ready while strolling through the Old Port, you never know when inspiration will strike and the light will be just right.

old-port-montreal map

3. Olympic Stadium

10 places to take amazing photos in montreal photo by susan moss

The Olympic Stadium is an architectural wonder, even if was really really expensive. Tourists and locals can often be seen posing at the medal podium at the corner of Sherbrooke and Pie-IX, which is perfectly situated to feature a flattering angle on the stadium in the background. A ride up the stadium’s inclined Tour de Montréal will bring you to a breathtaking 360˚ view of the city, with places for a great shot of downtown.


4. Parc de la Cité-du-Havre


Parc de la Cité-du-Havre is a challenge to get to; you’ll definitely need a car in the winter or a bike in the summer. However located at the very tip of this thin piece of land (just down the street from Habitat 67′) is Pointe de la Cite-du-Havre, the absolute best place for a full-frontal shot of Montréal’s skyline. If you’re making the trip out there, might as well explore the relationship between geometry and light by taking some up-close-and-personal photos of Habitat ’67!


5. The streets of the Mile End / Plateau

mile end plateau streets montreal

The wee and quaint streets of the Mile End and Plateau are lined with gorgeous and mature trees that provide a nice canopy for townhouses that make you go “Uhg, I wish I lived there, but I don’t, so I’ll just take a picture instead.” Photography highlights include the bagel shops on Saint-Viateur and Fairmount, one of the countless churches, the abundance of street and graffiti art, and (of course) the gorgeous real estate.


6. Botanical Garden

botanical gardens montreal photos lanterns

The Botanical Garden is a remarkable array of colours during the warmers seasons in Montréal. Stroll around and take some macro shots of the beautiful flowers in the summer, or the Japanese lantern exhibit in the fall. Hint: try an get a picture of some of the elusive wildlife that live in the gardens; there’s a fox, some frogs, turtles, and more!


7. Saint Joseph’s Oratory

st-josephs oratory montreal mont royal

More than 2 million people visit the oratory each year. Some are there pilgriming, others are just there to capture the architectural beauty. Set against the greenery of Mount Royal, and the blue sky of Montréal, you won’t even have to pump up the saturation in post-production.


8. Parc Jean-Drapeau

Photo by Eva Blue

Parc Jean-Drapeau is covered in public art and beautiful buildings, all remnants of Expo 67. The park is like a goody bag for a photographer. You’ll see some wildlife, stumble across little serene scenes of nature, puzzle at giant sculptures, and get a great angle of Montreal’s skyline. Photo challenge: Find a unique way to capture the architecturally incredible Biosphere.


9. Gay Village in the summer

Photo by James Alexander Dunphy

Every summer the Village gets decorated with pomp and style. The Boules Roses cast a rosy glow on the streets below, so basically always #NoFilter. The Beaudry metro station features bold rainbow poles and is a unique piece of Montréal’s vibrant gay history.


10. Quartier des Spectacles

Photo by Susan Moss

QDS is the heartbeat of Montréal’s large scale art installation projects, the epicenter of the festival circuit, and lots of cool urban lighting effects make this area one of the best places to get creative with your photography. Who knows, you might even get a paparazzi-esque photo of a celebrity in town for one of the music or comedy festivals!



Photos by Susan Moss, Eva Blue, James Alexander Dunphy


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