#MTLmoments/PERSPECTIVES: Short films showcasing Montréal

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Everyone knows it: Montréal is captivating. A simple stroll along its streets offers up the kind of experiences that turn into unforgettable memories. And we all have a Montréal moment etched in our mind that we have immortalized in a photograph with the help of our favourite electronic gadget.

Funny, moving, festive and alluring, these moments paint a picture of Montréal as seen by the people who live here or are just passing through. To give residents as well as visitors the chance to share these instants on social media, Tourisme Montréal invited photographers to share their photos with the hashtag #MTLmoments. Over the years, 400,000 shots taken on the spot tell the story of the city.

Today, Tourisme Montréal is showcasing the scope of the #MTLmoments iniative with #MTLmoments/PERSPECTIVES. For this new component, eight Montréal directors will bring one of these #MTLmoments to life in a two- to five-minute film, taking these slices of city life from real to reel.

The result is a tribute to the teeming creativity of our city. A quick look at these film clips will convince you in a heartbeat!

Yan Giroux, Iouri Philippe Paillé, Mathieu Grimard and Melissa Matos, the four directors who were given carte blanche for #MTLmoments/PERSPECTIVES. Starting with a #MTLmoments of their choice, they gave free rein to their imagination to tell the story of the city. The photographers @fleurde.lys, @xim_sauriol, @urbansniper514,  and @ttaavvii, all active Instagrammers, are the four happy finalists whose photos sparked the imagination of the filmmakers.

🚲 ☕️ 🌵

Une photo publiée par Naomi Fontaine (@fleurde.lys) le

Follow your dreams, no matter where they might take you…

Une photo publiée par Joel Fernandez (@urbansniper514) le

Olympic Fever 🔥

Une photo publiée par ✉️ hello.tavi@gmail.com (@ttaavvii) le

The short films created from these snapshots shed new light on the magical moments that happen here each day.

Four other films will be produced in the upcoming weeks. Mark the date on your end-of-summer calendar when four new shorts spotlighting Montréal will be revealed!

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