Welcome to MTLsocial - Tourisme Montréal Blog

Welcome to MTLsocial

You’ve got a passion for Montréal.
So do we.
MTLsocial brings us together.

What is MTLsocial?
Simply put, MTLsocial is a network of folks who love celebrating the city of Montréal, in all of its glorious #MTLmoments. We are a group of passionate bloggers, innovative Instagrammers, viral videographers and savvy Snapchatters — inspired folks who are actively creating content that shares Montréal with the world.

If you’re one of those people, you should join us.

What’s in it for you?
Being part of the MTLsocial club provides lots of great benefits:

  • A chance to take part in exclusive Montréal experiences and discoveries
  • The opportunity to mingle with one other at our networking events, subsequently increasingly the likelihood that you’ll find inspiration for fresh, innovative projects
  • Access to insider information to news before it breaks: restaurant openings, concert announcements, special urban initiatives and more

What’s in it for Tourisme Montréal?
We’re glad you asked. Because you’re already sharing stellar content about Montréal, the truth is that you are already offering an awesome service to this city and its inhabitants. By inspiring you with great stuff to talk about, to write about, to photograph, or to film, we (Tourisme Montréal) continue to benefit. When you shine, we shine.

How to join MTLsocial?
To join the network, simply email us and we will send you more info.

(The fine print: We will never share your email information with anyone — ever. No strings attached. You can peace out whenever you want.)

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