Posted on June 6th, 2011 by .

The 12th edition of Mutek has just finished and, before we catch up on some much-needed sleep, we’ve got a pretty cool video to show you…

In the leadup to Mutek, Montreal’s amazing digital music, sound and audio-visual art festival, we poured over the program and chatted with Richie Hawtin. We here at the Montreal Buzz LOVE MUTEK. What’s amazing about Mutek is that, every year, it manages to further push the notion of what this area of the arts is capable of. Mutek is small, experimental and intellectual shows, but it’s also massive, dance-all-night parties, as the video above shows. Oh, and one final thing: THE AMON TOBIN SHOW WAS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING THINGS THIS CITY HAS EVER SEEN.

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