New York’s Katz’s versus Montreal’s Schwartz’s

Posted on June 14th, 2009 by .

So, on more than one occasion you’ve heard me go on (and on) that Montreal bagels and smoked meat beat out their New York counterparts any day of the week.
And now that I’m in New York for a couple of days, I thought I’d dare to compare once again. Off I went to Katz’s deli with Bret Thorne, who writes Food Writer’s Diary. He was excited to introduce me to the wonders of Katz’s corned beef, pastrami and brisket.
And the verdict? It was good. Really. But not a Meg Ryan moment, if you know what I mean. What can I say? With the New York stuff had great texture and fattiness, it simply didn’t have the spicy je ne sais quoi that you get at Schwartz’s deli in Montreal.
But there’s room here for discussion. Tell me what you think? Which do you prefer, Montreal smoked meat or NY pastrami?
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