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When Britney Spears sang the words “Don’t you know that you’re toxic?” she might as well have been referring to a bathroom.

As Michelle Regev, owner of Nubia Spa Vert, cleverly reminds me, the bathroom is the most toxic space of all households.  Unsurprisingly so, as makeup, creams and shampoos pile up in cabinets and cleaning products are stocked under the sink. Kind of ironic for a place that is dedicated to all things sanitary, don’t you think?

Sadly, bathrooms and spas have a lot in common. “With Nubia, we wanted to offer our clients a safe and green environment, in which your body isn’t actually fighting gruesome toxins all the time”, says Regev.

Everything is green at this small urban spa, from the floors made of Quebec wood to the non-toxic paint dressing up the walls. In regards to products, Nubia uses a line of handmade eco products made exclusively for the spa by Savonnerie Olivier.

Curious (and in need of some deep respite), I decided to test the services of Nubia Spa, and checked in for a dose of Thermal Therapy.

The treatment started with a 15-minute foot bath, involving a wooden basin, sea salt made of rosemary, peppermint and calendula, and some very, very, hot water. Much appreciated was the book that was left for me to engage in a powerful session of day-dreaming and relaxation.

I was then guided to the heated massage table where I was given a full-body massage. My favorite part was definitely the pressing of hot towels, followed by the hot oil scalp massage. Do put some time aside to wash your hair if you had planned on hitting town after your treatment. Or, if your hair is dry and curly like me, leave it in for the day and nobody will notice that your head is full of oil.

Nubia Spa Vert also offers pre-natal massages, and a very unique treatment called L’Extrême, that focuses on the body’s end zones: feet, hands, face, hair.  As Regev reminded me, too often we focus on core body parts such as the back, shoulder and legs, and forget about the other little bits. Now is the time to redeem yourself.

An infrared sauna will also be added to the spa and available to customers right after Nubia’s official launch cocktail at the end of May.

Regev is also a life coach, in case you need assistance finding solutions to a problem or conflict that is bothering you. Sometimes, a trip is the perfect opportunity to see things under a new and positive light.

Happy relaxation!

Nubia Spa Vert

5344 St-Laurent Boulevard

(Between Fairmount and St-Viateur)

Montreal, H2T 1S1

(514) 903-1344

Nubia Spa Vert on Facebook

Tuesday to Friday: 11am – 9pm

Saturday: 12pm – 5pm

Sunday: 1pm – 8pm

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