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In life, there are two types of nuit blanche:

1) The ones spent at McGill University, playing the “how much last-minute information can I cram in my brain” game – scarcely fun.

2) The ones spent gallivanting between countless exhibitions, parties, shows and free bus rides during Montreal’s now famous High Lights Festival – abundantly fun.

Now technically, I could think of a third type of all-nighter, but a girl tries to keep her amazing job when she’s got one. All you need remembering is that in terms of awesome, nuit blanche #2 is comparable to nuit blanche #3.

Imagine a city bustling with art on every corner. Imagine 180 activities, most of them free, and thousands of people on the streets, hopping from one place to the next. That is exactly what some of my friends and I did last Friday, making me so intrinsically happy to be living in one of the most creative cities in the world.

Here are some pictures of the places we’ve been as a testimony of a perfect night out in Montreal. Hope it helps you planning your trip!

Visit the Belgo, a legendary Montreal building filled with art galleries and creative people. Above, Still Life, a photography exhibit by JF Bouchard presented at Gallerie SAS.

(photo by me)

Walk down the new “Place des Festivals”, corner St-Catherine and Jeanne-Mance (photo by me)

Shop for the newest trends in street-wear at Off The Hook and check out the gorgeous graffiti mural at the entrance (photo by @wikimia)

Stay at the W. Maybe you’ll catch a fashion photography exhibition while you’re there (photo by @wikimia)

See a show at the Metropolis and crash the dancefloor (photo by @sam_sauvageau)

Attend a vernissage and linger through the beautiful artwork exposed at Galerie MX

Go read, draw, watch a film, visit an exhibition and get inspired at the CCA. (That building is stuh-ning. I secretly wish that one day I’ll turn it into my personal “Château” and throw lavish parties for my dearest friends. Dreaming is nice).

Have a happy ending. End it with a greasy poutine.

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