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Every once in a while something absolutely fabulous is introduced into our lives, and we are left wondering how we possibly survived without it. For instance, can anyone really remember how we maintained our fierceness before Lady Gaga?

Montreal’s newest chic bistro, NüVü, has arrived. And she’s wearing designer duds.

With staff uniforms created by internationally acclaimed fashion designer Philippe Dubuc, NüVü has stepped with a certain confident sass into the competitive Montreal restaurant scene.

Yes, there’s a chance that your server will be looking more modish than you, but please, don’t feel intimidated by NüVü. Open from 8:30 AM until the wee hours of the night, there is a time of day for every level of budget and fashionista.

A large part of the enchantment of NüVü is the unique seven-day concept. Each day of the week has a different theme that is represented in large-scale projections on the walls of the restaurant.

Monday: Oscar César & Cie
Tuesday: iTokyo
Wednesday: MAD (Material. Architecture. Design.)
Thursday: corps&graphies (Choreographies)
Friday: New York
Saturday: (b)eat it
Sunday: Fashion

What do they mean? To tell you would be to ruin the experience. You have to go and discover for yourself.

And don’t let all the flashiness of the design concept distract from the dining experience. NüVü is serving up some delicious (and surprisingly affordable) dishes. Executive chef Bernard L’Hôte was trained in France and Switzerland, and is skilled in balancing flavors while ensuring artistic presentation. If you’re a traveler with a budget, you can grab brunch for $20. Or, if you enjoy dining a bit later, they’ve got a 10 pm Table d’Hôte that starts at $19. The experience is most definitely accessible.

The creator and manager of NüVü, Denis Lefebvre, has brought something new and exciting to the already vibrant Montreal Gay Village. And those who frequently eat in the village can’t remember how they once entertained their craving for fine dining and stunning visual art before this bistro.



Bistro NüVü
1336 Sainte-Catherine Street East
Montreal, QC H2L 2H5
Reservations: 1.514.940.6888
www.bistronuvu.com (available in French only)


Entering NüVü.


“Le Concombre Masqué” – Cocktails with vegetables = healthy


From filet mignon to salmon tartare to local duck, NüVü’s main dishes are as artful as the ambiance.


The mille-feuille, creatively served on a marble slate.


Projections add a seductive visual element to the experience.


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