Old Montreal Ghost Walk

Posted on October 7th, 2009 by .

Halloween, as we all know, has dark pagan roots that have little to do with orange coloured-candy. October 31st was, according to the Celts, the day in which the line between the living and the dead disappeared. What better night, then, is there to talk a Ghost-walk around Old Montreal…

Old Montreal is steeped in history and some of it, apparently, is quite ghoulish. The scary folks who offer Ghost Walks throughout Montreal, 90 minute darkly lit tours of some of the city’s scariest old legends and horror stories, have cooked a special Halloween Ghost hunt. Featuring characters from Montreal’s dark history, this interactive fright night sends one and all on treasure hunt that will terrify you to the bone. A perfect start to a night out on the town….unless you get so terrified you have to cower alone somewhere with all the lights on…

Old Montreal Ghosts, October 29th-31st at 6:30 p.m, Reservations: 1 877-868-0303 or info@fantommontreal.com

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