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Every month, Montreal offers a plethora of Gay or Lesbian friendly events that take place outside the village…

Although the Gay Village is full of fun times, these March events are great opportunities to explore new parts of Montreal, check out some popular hot spots and meet some of the local eye-candy. So any of you queer travelers that find yourself in town during one of these events, come on out and have some fun!

Remember, all of these events are gay or gay-friendly. So anyone and everyone are invited to join and enjoy.

STRIP SPELLING BEE – Mainline Theatre – March 9th, 8:30 PM

The rules are simple: for every word spelled wrong, some clothes come off. The last stripper standing leaves with the enormous pride of knowing they were the best stripper ever. Sign-up is at 8PM sharp, and they have only fifteen spots available so get there early! The Strip Spelling Bee at Mainline Theatre is meant to be a fun and safe event for everyone. No photos and no booing policies in effect.

TEASE – Bains Douches – March 11th 10:00 PM

Tease is for hot lesbians who enjoy the company of other hot lesbians. This edition of Tease is being held at one of the hottest spaces in Montreal: Bains Douches (formerly know as Tribe). Lets do this math: Hot Lesbians + Hot Club + Hot Music = The hottest night of the month. Tickets are $20 at the door, and $50 for VIP. Oh, did I forget to mention the open-bar from 10PM to midnight? Now that’s hot.

MEC PLUS ULTRA – Le Belmont – March 12th, 10:00 PM

MEC PLUS ULTRA: Mec takes place twice a month at Le Belmont. This party is such a huge success that its name has become synonymous with cute-guys-fun-night. Mec Plus Ultra should just be awarded the “Best” award. Because it has proven to have the best in music, people and dancing for anything gay outside the village.

LIPSTICK – La Porte Rouge – March 13th, 9:00 PM

Lipstick is where the bold and beautiful come to play. Where fashion and music meld together to create an event worthy of a superstar. This is where you want to see, and be seen. Held at La Porte Rouge, this retro-glam bar is the perfect fit for a night as glamorous as Lipstick.

POMPe – Espace des Arts – March 17th, 10:30 PM

POMPe is a self-described “dance floor apocalypse”. Somehow, the Espace des Arts transforms itself from dance studio into a chic dance discotheque. With popular DJs making you move and the bartender wearing nothing but a jockstrap, POMPe is a delight for both the eyes and ears.

FAGGITY ASS FRIDAY – The Playhouse – March 18th, 10:00 PM

The reigning queer of all the queer dance parties, Faggity Ass Friday is literally jam-packed with locals looking for cheap beer (2 for $5), fun beats and hilarious performances. You MUST get there early. Not only to catch the thirty-minute show (anything from a live band to a strip tease), but also to avoid the massive line up that forms around midnight. The Playhouse is a fun but small venue perfect for getting cozy with strangers.

MEOW MIX- La Sala Rossa – March 19th, 9:30 PM

Like the name suggests this is the perfect time for women to mix and mingle with other women. Meow Mix has been rocking the scene since 2002, and has featured over 100 cabaret performances. The March edition of Meow Mix is called “Edgy MEOW MIX”, and is a joint effort with the Edgy Women Festival coming to Montreal from March 19 – April 3, 2011.


Guest Blogger: Alex Dunphy



Mainline Theater, 3997 St Laurent, (514) 849-3378

Bains Douches, 390 Saint-Jacques, (514) 845-3066

Le Belmont, 4483 St Laurent, (514) 845-8443

La Porte Rouge, 1834 Mont-Royal East, (514) 303-3086

Espaces des Arts, 9 Ste-Catherine East, Suite 101, (514) 439-3990

The Playhouse, 5656 Parc, (514) 276-0594

Sala Rossa,  4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, (514) 844-4227

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