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Culture is in the air at the Quartier des spectacles

Montréal has established a tried and tested reputation as a city of culture where creativity in all its forms flourishes, emerges, and seduces year long, especially in the entertainment district: the Quartier des spectacles. Here’s an itinerary to help you experience some of the ever-increasing attractions in this neighbourhood where crowds unite en masse through festival se6ason – and beyond.



Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan

This headquarters to the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (Jazz Fest) is an essential stop for jazz enthusiasts who can delight in the collection of photos and audio and video documents at the Galerie Lounge TD. On the ground floor, L’Astral is also a great space to catch an intimate concert, while Balmoral is the perfect place for a fancy meal before a show.

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Place des Festivals

Take a break at the Place des Festivals, a busy public area during festivals ­­– and there are many in Montréal! The space is characterized by its large-scale public art installations, which vary throughout the year, and its fountains, around which the business set comes to munch lunch during the warmer months.

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Place des Arts

Take a tour of Place des Arts, the hub of performance culture offering a variety of artistic events – dance, theatre, music, and opera – throughout the year. A recent addition to the complex, the Maison symphonique de Montréal is the prime venue to watch and listen to the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal in all its splendour.

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Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

This contemporary art institution is a hotspot for local creativity, always bustling with events, classes, lectures, live music nights and parties known as the Nocturnes. Membership is a song, and provides access to all of the above. Catch the temporary exhibitions featuring artists from Québec, Canada and abroad.

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La Vitrine

This cultural window informs passers-by on all the entertainment events in the city. A fascinating and state-of-the-art space, this is where you’ll find an event to your liking and even get tickets at great prices. While you’re there, check out Art actuel 2‑22, an art space uniting galleries including as Artexte and Vox, housed in the same building.

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Society for Arts and Technology (SAT)

The SAT, as it’s known by locals, is an arts and culture centre that’s internationally known for its daring development of immersive technologies and augmented realties, which are shown in the form of musical performances, artistic events, and general experimental good times. The Satosphère, on its top floor, is the first permanent immersive environment dedicated to spherical 360-degree projections. Make sure you also grab a meal at the Foodlab.

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House of Jazz, Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill and Le Balcon

These downtown jazz, blues and soul institutions host live music almost every night and serve up a mean meal too. Chandeliers, a softly lit lamp on every table and photos of jazz legends on the walls give House of Jazz a ‘20s Parisian atmosphere, while Upstairs recalls once-smokey dark basement clubs where the greats play – depending on the night and the show, both venues can range from casual to glam. In a historic location, decked out in red curtains and with a menu inspired by Mediterranean, Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, cabaret music hall Le Balcon adds steamy flamenco and hot classic rock nights to its Thursday to Saturday show calendar.

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