Party on St-Laurent in Montreal

Posted on August 18th, 2009 by .

If you want to party in Montreal, St-Laurent is one street that you can’t miss. Known locally as The Main, St-Laurent stretches from Montreal’s Chinatown to Little Italy. In this space, it manages to intersect several very different pockets of Montreal’s nightlife scene….

LOCATION 1: ST-LAURENT AND ST-CATHERINE: The corner of St-Laurent and St-Catherine plays host to some of Montreal’s best live music venues. First, there’s the Society for Arts and Technology, a really cool space that is home to not only some of the city’s best DJ nights, but an ever changing display of multi-disciplinary art installations. Right beside it is Club Soda, one of Montreal’s favorite places to see great music, and a couple blocks west on St-Catherine is Metropolis, one of the cities’ largest show venues.

LOCATION 2: ST-LAURENT AND SHERBROOKE: One short block above St-Laurent and Sherbrooke is a collection of some of the cities’ more upscale nightlife establishments. We’ve got Globe, Buona Notte and Med, all located almost on top of each other. If you’re looking for somewhere to get dressed up and have some great cocktails while watching some beautiful people dance, this is the spot for you.

LOCATION 3: ST-LAURENT AND DES PINS: This is where St-Laurent loosens up a bit and begins to get a bit wilder. Just south of this intersection, you’ve got Toyko, and just north of this intersection are Korova and Blizzarts. The mood in this area is more relaxed, the drinks a bit cheaper and the clientele a bit younger. If you’re looking to dance to some great DJs until early in the morning, this is where you want to go.

LOCATION 4: ST-LAURENT AND ST-JOSEPH This stretch of St-Laurent leads toward Mile End, the hip neighborhood that plays a huge part in Montreal’s music and arts scene. Just south of this corner are Sala Rossa and Casa del Popolo, two of the best places to experience some of the city’s incredible and diverse indie music scene.

Though St-Laurent continues well up into Little Italy, these four intersections give you a great cross-section of what Montreal’s nightlife scene has to offer. Figure out what kind of night you’re looking for, then head out to the corresponding section of St-Laurent Street for the night of your life.

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