Phoebe Greenberg’s DHC/ART + Michal Rovner

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Montreal has a new patron of the arts: Phoebe Greenberg. And her uncommon taste for risky adventures made her create one of the best art galleries in town, showcasing the work of experimental artists from all over the world. Read more to know why Montreal is now a real avant-garde city… in many ways.

One of my favourite art galleries in Montréal is DHC/ART. It opened its doors in 2007, thanks to Phoebe Greenberg, who has a foundation dedicated to contemporary art. Phoebe Greenberg is a visionary patron of the arts in Montreal, who encourages Canadian artists to create new forms of artistic expression, and helps them spread the word internationally. Her next project is called The Phi Center, and it will be a unique playground for visual artists, musicians and filmmakers from the four courners of the world to experiment and create innovative projects.

The idea behind DHC/ART is not only to give a platform to young and talented Canadians to express themselves, but they also invite some of the world’s most celebrated artists from elsewhere. Marc Quinn, Great Britain’s enfant terrible, presented an exhibition two years ago that made Damien Hirst look like a public entertainer. Sophie Calle, a French artist who mingles her personal life with art, invaded the two small spaces of the art gallery with statements from other women about a break-up letter. This is the kind of unusual thing you’ll find here. You might have heard about Sophie Calle or Marc Quinn before, but what they’ve accomplished in collaboration with DHC/ART isn’t something you would necessarily find in the Matthew Marks Gallery.

This summer, the gallery welcomes Michal Rovner’s Particles of Reality. One of Israel’s greatest living artists speaks about the relationship between her country and Palestine, without taking any position, but showing, through video, artwork and installations, the social and cultural impact of decades of war and devastation on human beings.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that they organize public lectures with key people in the art world throughout the year. How can you possibly do better than that? Well, by giving free access to all of these things, including exhibitions and special events.

The opening of DHC/ART turned Montreal into an avant-garde city, not simply by inviting the best of today’s art scene in a little gallery in Old Montreal, but also by giving the opportunity to people to connect with artistic expression through many different ways.

For more info about Michal Rovner’s exhibition, check out DHC/ART’s website.

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