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While the Montreal Canadiens may have taken their sweet time getting on the ice this winter, Montreal’s amateur hockey players haven’t. From hugely popular rinks in the city’s best-known parks to spots tucked neatly away in quiet residential neighbourhoods, if you ice it, they will come…

Liam Maloney is a photographer who specializes in editorial and long-term documentary work. Though he travels the world for work, Montreal will always be home for him and we were thrilled to hear that he was interested in spending a day shooting some outdoor hockey games for us.

“A game of shinny brings people together on cold winter days like nothing else; people from all walks of life and all skill levels share their love of the sport and blow off steam,” says Maloney. “The camaraderie between strangers is a wonderful thing to watch. My only regret is not bringing my skates along for the shoot.”
For these photos, Maloney visited rinks in Verdun, the Plateau and Little Italy. If you’re looking for a complete list of Montreal’s outdoor and indoor ice, make sure you check out the great Patiner Montreal website, which not only maps out all of the city’s rinks, but offers interactive information on ice conditions, hours of availability and more. Game on.
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