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Montreal’s love affair with designer Jean Paul Gaultier poured out onto the streets when Pinkarnaval, a Gaultier-inspired parade and party, took over downtown. As he did for the premiere of his internationally-acclaimed exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Gaultier himself showed up to join in on the fun…

Pinkarnaval, a “prêt-a-porter carnival”, was the wild introduction to this year’s Just for Laughs festival. It was a parade, perfomance and party celebrating dance, theatre, street arts and music. There were dancers, musicians, circus performers and hundreds of Montrealers dressed in JPG’s signature stripes. It was, in the words of Pinkarnaval artistic director Danielle Roy, right up the designer’s alley: “Jean Paul Gaultier takes a playful, lighthearted and humorous look at society. Our intention is to give back to the street and to society the elements that inspired the ‘enfant terrible’ of the fashion world. His vision of dance, live shows and cinema blends well with the carnivalesque universe.” I think the video above shows they pretty much nailed it.

The designer’s irreverent exhibition, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, has been getting rave reviews from around the world. It’s no surprise why: it’s an innovative remix of the dry, boring retrospective and Gaultier himself has been on hand to show Montreal that the love goes both ways…

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