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Where do you shop for all your accessories Tamy? This is a question that girls ask me on the daily. Today for example, I bumped into this girl Zina at Cluny ArtBar and she stopped me over the salad counter to ask me about my earrings. I found myself telling her all about Headquarters Boutique, how it was a Montreal fashion gem, how its basement served as an art gallery and how it brilliantly showcased the best of emerging and independant Montreal designers and artists. Then, I thought, not only should I tell Zina about it, but I should tell the entire world. Thank you, Internet!

Headquarters is located on the outskirts of the Gay Village. This boutique/indie art gallery  is packed with the type of memorable and unique goodies you look out for when traveling: Brixton hats, vintage shoes, rare zines, funky clothes and awesome accessories.

Even though the space will be turning 4 this June and owners Tyson Bodnarchuk and Angie Johnson are still as stoked about their shop as when it first opened. “Headquarters offers something different as to what you’ll find downtown.  It exposes the designers to a bigger audience and allows them to be really creative with their stuff”, says Tyson.

His girlfriend and co-owner, Angie, is the designer behind Norwegian Wood, one of the city’s hottest brands on the underground fashion scene right now. Turns out Angie is the creator of the earrings Zina was so fond about. Her collection also includes these remarkable harnesses, which will surely add some major dash to your summer outfits.

More Norwegian Wood earrings by Angie Johnson

Valerie Dumaine shorts

Lace earrings by my girl Tamara Bavdek at This Ilk

Magnet necklaces by Colour Blind Smarties. Shape them as you like them. Love these pieces.

There is also an art gallery in the basement of Headquarters. Art is from locals but also from international artists.

Art work by En Masse crew. The mural is made of 45 panels and the second drawing session is actualy taking place tonight ( may 15th). En Masse Crew is a local collective which brings together artists from many backgrounds to work on large scale, black and white murals. Pretty rad.

Headquarters Galerie + Boutique
Check out their blog
1649 Amherst
Montreal, QC
H2L 3L4

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