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Montréal group Plants and Animals have strong feelings about poutine and they’re not afraid to go on the record with them.

“I’ve tried some of the crazy ones they have at Banquise,” says guitarist and lead vocalist Warren Spicer. “But honestly, it’s too much.”

“They should institute something like the Bavarian Purity Law they have for beer,” chimes in drummer Matthew Woodley. “Fries, curds, gravy, that’s it. Tightly regulated. Free-range, sustainable curds only!”

Sitting in the office of their record label, Secret City, they mention the poutine at Patati Patata, but save the real passion for one closer to their apartments on Avenue du Parc.

Nouveau Palais has changed their recipe- they’ve got a darker gravy now,” explains Spicer, quite seriously. “It doesn’t look better, but it tastes a lot better…and poutine ain’t about looks.”

Both Spicer, Woodley and guitarist/keyboardist Nicolas Basque live in the Mile End neighbourhood bordered by the street that was the namesake of their debut album, Parc Ave. They love the neighbourhood not only for its poutines, but also because it’s filled up with friends, like the owners of gallery/framing shop Frame and Canvas and Andrew and Brad Barr, who are the opening act for their show on April 22nd at La Tulipe , another Montréal favourite of theirs.

“Divan Orange is cozy, like a second home, but La Tulipe is amazing. It may be the best room in Montréal that we’ve played,” says Woodley.

The Mama Papa by Plants and Animals from Secret City Records on Vimeo.

While Parc Ave was informed by their lives in the city, not to mention recorded in large part in Spicer’s home studio on the titular street, Plants and Animals latest, La La Land, was chiefly inspired by their time spend touring.

“It’s a progression from Parc Ave, that was very Montréal-centric, this one is going out on the road, taking a look around and coming home and writing songs about it.”

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