Point G, Your G-Spot in Montréal

Posted on March 12th, 2009 by .

Finally, I found my G-Spot in Montréal! It’s actually called Point G (the French term for that elusive source of pleasure), because, in French, G is for glaces, gauffres and gourmandises (ice cream, waffles and treats).

Run by pastry chefs Thierry Andrieu and Julien Reignier, this chic pastry shop/ice cream parlour on Mont-Royal Street welcomes a non-stop flow of customers, even when it’s snowing outside! One look at their menu, and it’s really no wonder…
Buttermilk waffles topped with pecans and maple-butter ice cream. Perfectly moist macaron cookies in exotic flavours, such as Mojito, basil-pineapple, Quebec blueberry, piña colada, ginger-pear, poppy, or elderberry and goat cheese. Or delectable ice creams, from traditional chocolate to oh-so-French foie gras!

You can also buy macaron glacé at Point G — check out Erin’s post from Seriouseats on the Point G.

So after exploring Montréal’s Plateau area, cool your heels – and your palate – at this not-to-be-missed house of delights.
Point G
1266 Mont-Royal Ave. E.
Other suggestions for Montréal ice cream:
Gastronomia Roberto (Real Italian gelato)
2227 Bélanger St.

Havre-aux-Glaces (Amazing fruit sorbet)
Inside Jean-Talon Market
7070 Henri-Julien St.

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