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Though he and his new album, Running High, travel the world’s dance floors, Montreal producer Poirier is happy with his home base…

Poirier (who recently dropped Ghislain from his stage name) has become one of Montreal’s most in-demand and interesting producers/DJs. And though he’s constantly touring and has played shows on almost every continent in the world, he’s still got plenty of love for the Mile End neighbourhood he calls home.

“Well, it’s a self-sufficient neighbourhood, you can get everything you need by walking. I think it’s just a great mix of people, a very alive, bilingual place.”

When pressed for some of the places nearby that he visits most, it’s clear that he’s serious about the walking thing- a couple short blocks is all that separates them.

Jardin du Cari is my spot for food and Dieu Du Ciel is a great place to go have a beer- such good beer there. I’ll go to Buvette Chez Simone sometimes too.”

Moving on to places that have meant a lot to his musical career, the now-closed (but rumoured to be reopening) Zoobizarrre, which he says “was like my living room” comes up. This coolly cavernous spot on Saint-Hubert was where he hosted the now legendary ““Bounce Le Gros” nights, which introduced people to his skill in combining hip hop, reggae, grime, crunk…basically anything with a ton of bass. These wildly successful parties eventually were replaced by his new semi-regular event in Montreal called “Karnival”, which reflected the more electronic/Caribbean/Jamaican direction his music was taking.

His latest release, Running High, which actually contains two albums, continues Poirier’s obvious interest in developing his sound. The first disk contains soca, dancehall and electronic music that I’m not even sure what to call- but I have seen what it can do a dance floor. The second disk contains remixes from some of the people that Poirier has played with in his travels around the globe. By next year, he might be on to something else, but on Friday, April 9th at the Belmont, Montrealers can walk over and see the amazing stuff he’s up to right now.

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