Queer MTL Travel Guide: Montreal Boy Episodes 5 & 6

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In Logo’s webseries Montreal Boy, Stephane and Hugh are having a blast in Montreal. They’re seeing the sights, seeing the city, and definitely seeing each other. Have you watched all six episodes of Montreal Boy yet? Check them out on LogoTV.com/MontrealBoy! Find out more about all the places they visit in Montreal by scrolling through this Queer MTL Travel Guide:

Explore The City By Bixi



Montreal is one of the most bike friendly cities in North America! Grab a Bixi (stands for Bike-Taxi) and explore all the little nooks and crannies dotting the island. Just remember to stick to bike lanes when you can, and that the car drivers here are usually insane, so please be cautious!

Have A Heart to Heart In The Old Port


The waterfront of Montreal’s historic Old Port is a dreamy stretch of calming trees, serene benches, and fun things to do and look at. You can see many locals strolling around chatting with each other, so grab a friend or lover and have a heart to heart!

Have A Drink… Or Four in The Gay Village


When you’re ready to unwind, head over to Montreal’s electric Gay Village. Pick a spot to have a few drinks, sing some karaoke, meet a drag queen, and get your joints greased up to dance. Check out the beautiful rooftop terrace at Sky!

Go Wild In A Nightclub


Unity in Montreal’s Gay Village has one of the hottest dance floors in the city. Plus there are platforms to dance on if you want to really show off your awesome dance moves. At Unity; the drinks are cheap, the people are sexy, and shirts are optional.

All Hail The Glorious Poutine


When Montrealers try to explain what a poutine is to outsiders they usually go “Oh… gross.” Crispy french fries, smothered in gravy, and topped with squeaky salty cheese. Then the outsiders try it, and they practically have an orgasmic experience. After dancing all night, check out Le Resto Du Village for a delicious poutine!

Discover the Mile End



The Mile End is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Montreal. It’s not much fun telling you where to go, so we encourage you to explore the streets and discover new and amazing places tucked in on every block!

Kiss & Picnic in a Park


Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and some food and have a romantic picnic in one of Montreal’s beautiful urban parks. Check out Park La Fontaine in the Plateau for the perfect place to picnic!

See the Queen MTL Travel Guides for Episodes 1 & 2 / 3 & 4! Follow @Montreal on Twitter and Facebook to discover more about the beautiful city featured on the show.


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