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The Queer of the Year contestants have landed! They’re here to compete for $5000, a trip back to Montreal and the Queer of the Year Crown! The competition is just getting started and is going to get HOT. What did the finalists do on their first day, and what was my first real life impression of them…

Tim: Adorable and funny as you’d think. Yenna: Shy, but she has a sparkle in her eyes and heartwarming smile. Celio: Also a bit shy, but so polite and nice! Jason: Powerful. Can crush me like a bug. Christine: She got swagger. Also the most quotable queer. Eric: Outgoing, outrageous and amazing.

Once they landed in Montreal, I got to catch up with them and ask a few questions. One being: Who is your biggest supporter back home? Tim says his boyfriend and his mom are hardcore rooting for him. Christine, Yenna, and Jason, Eric all have their big armies of supporters on social media. Celio, always the modest one, says he has “a few great people who are supporting me from Portugal.” Once the contestants arrived at their MASSIVE loft, they got settled in and went out onto the town in a beautiful Tour de Ville:

• Up to Mont Royal for the famous view of the entire city. Unfortunately for the host Mikala, she wore her highest heels so she was stumbling, fumbling and grumbling down the mountain. Oops!

• Leisurely stroll down Mont Royal, they needed a well deserved break. Cue giant green chairs for some R&R. Except Wimberly, he did the splits across them and all the contestants underneath. It was here in the green chairs where Christine remarked that she and Eric had “very similar nipples.” Nipple twins forever!

• Hungry stomachs need to be feed. So a short walk over to Montreal institution Le Banquise for the world famous Quebec delicatessen: POUTINE! (Fries, smothered in gravy, sprinkled with cheese curds for all you non-canadians). Fitness guru Wimberly gave it a dismal 2/10. But Tim rated poutine 7.5/10 when sober, and theorized 20/10 if he were drunk. Tim’s got poutine figured out.

• The Sherlock Holmes of the group Christine made an interesting observation in Parc Lafountaine: “Montreal has sexy skinny seagulls.”

• After stuffing their faces full of Poutine (and side salad!), a trip down to the Gay Village had locals turning heads as the finalists strutted their stuff down St. Catherine under Les Boules Rose.

•The day ended with a romantic carriage ride through Old Montreal. Multi-faceted entertainer, performer and Queer of the Year host Mikala even attempted to drive!  I foresee a career change for her the horizon. From comedienne to horse lackey.

Make sure to stay tuned all week to see these folks battle it out for the Crown. Follow Queer of the Year on Facebook and Twitter to get updates and most importantly VOTE! Tomorrow is a new day, and I hear it brings the sexy…

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