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After a night of celebration and cheers at the housewarming party, the finalists arrived at the location for their first challenge surprisingly fresh and coherent. It’s a good thing too, because they had to turn up the heat and put their best face forward…

Arriving at the location for the first challenge was a bit perplexing. It was a random concrete office tower in the middle of the Mile End. They theorized and guessed, but ultimately they were all wrong. Up on the seventh floor of this building lay the studio of famed Montreal photographer Nico Stinghe! Can I get a woo-hoo for the Sex Appeal challenge?!

The competitors rose to the occasion fabulously: create two different looks with hair, make-up, costumes and props that show your “sex appeal”. Everyone got to let their creativity run rampant in the challenge, which was riveting to watch. Things started to get a little kinky when:

• Christine went sexy, steamy firefighter with her dark locks, dark lips and nothing but straps hiding those breasticals. QOTYinsider gossip: she rocks some sweet body decorations, but I’m not going to say where.

• Eric probably has fruits flying at him in bars all over New York City. So, in a very literal move, fruit was flying!

• Wimberly went full nude on a swing. The camera may have been at a strategic angle, but the rest of us observing from the side definitely were not.

•Yenna was all class, seductive and suave. That is until the firecracker in her hand blew up. Somehow, she still looked quite graceful.

• Tim went full circle, from some chic drag all the way to macho football player. He rocks shoulder pads like you wouldn’t believe.

• Celio became my personal superhero in his latex get-up that left little to the imagination. Up, up and away!

•Host Mikala started enjoying the large phallic props a little too much…

Ultimately there could only be one winner. So coach and photographer Nico, along with his team of stylists, picked the Queer that was the most creative and original, who most clearly brought the sexy. And the winner is… Well, you’ll have to check out the video to find out!

Make sure to stay tuned all week to the Queer of the Year Facebook page to watch the recaps, confessionals, and most importantly, VOTE for whom you think is 2011 QUEER OF THE YEAR!

P.S. Rumour has it the Queers got up to some questionable activities that night involving, black leather heels, Britney Spears music, little clothes, and metal rods.

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