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Fuel up on that green tea and strap on those Sketcher’s Shape-Ups because today’s challenge is all about Healthy Lifestyle! Last night they got to tone up a bit in preparation for the physical fitness aspect by dancing on a… pole? That’s right. They got a pole dancing fitness class. Clothes came off, arms got sore and some of the Queers may have discovered their future calling! Then again… maybe not…

The Healthy Lifestyle challenge was a Queer Triathlon! Consisting of thee different sporting activities, finalists got points based on where they finished in each activity. After the grand total was tallied up, the winner was awarded with a relaxing rubdown at Bota Bota! This is what went down yesterday:

EVENT 1: ICE SKATING RACE: What’s gayer than Disney on Ice? 6 Queer of the Year contestants on ice. Once strapping on the skates at Le Atrium 1000 Skating Rink they were gliding around like naturals. Well, not entirely, but almost. They had to do slalom through some pylons, do a full spin around three at the end, and skate back as fast as they could. Most of them couldn’t stop, so they just stuck out their hands and waited for something to stop for them. The queer with the best time got the most pointage, watch the video to find out WHO. QOTYinsider observation: Celio, who had never dawned a pair of skates before in his life, was like a beautiful little ice nymph. Good job Celio!

EVENT 2: BIXI RACE IN PARC JEAN-DRAPEAU: Remember that scene in Grease where they race cars really fast and there’s that girl who walks out into the center of the track and takes her scarf and flags the start of the race? Well, this was nothing like that. Instead it was five queers on large metal bikes, a comedienne and a Drag Queen. They Bixi‘d their little hearts out, and, ultimately, someone came in first. Watch the video to find out which contestant blew past the finish line first! QOTYinsider: Eric got a sexy battle scar in the race and it was even sexier when he didn’t even care about it. So Travolta of him.

EVENT 3: HULA HOOP SMACKDOWN IN THE OLD PORT: The final event was a riveting one. Sudden death Hula Hoop. In three rounds, queers drew names from a hat and faced off against their chosen opponent. The winner of that hula went on the semi-finals. Tim, Christine, and Celio were going hard at it in the semi-finals when Celio lost control of his hoop. Rogue hoop! In the finals, it was Christine vs. Tim. Showdown. Hoops were hula-ing, people were gasping. There was an old man taking photos. The first hoop to crash dramatically to the ground was… Watch the video to find out!

Make sure to go vote for YOUR favorite Queer of the Year! Stay tuned for more gay shenanigans all week! I hear tomorrow is going to be a very glittery day!

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