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Talent. It comes in many shapes and many forms. For the Queer of the Year Talent challenge they had to put their culinary skills to the test. Now, not everyone is a chef. But they got detailed instructions with the help from Grumman 78’s Gaelle and Marc. Who was named champion in the queerest Iron Chef competition? Watch the video, and read on to get all the dirty details….

Surprised these Queers could even look at food in the morning after a hard partying night out at Parking Nightclub. Parking is one of Montreal’s premier gay clubs where partiers go to dance till the world ends (Yes, that was weak and awkward Britney reference.) The Queers may or may not have gotten really drunk, and this insider spotted one of the finalists getting a little lucky. Score!

The secret ingredient was tomato and they got to make their own version of a tomato pie tart thing. From scratch even. The crust, the sauce, the baking, where’s the easy-bake oven when you need it?! After tasting all of the finalist’s dishes, it really all boiled down to crust, and salt management.

You’ll have to watch the video to find out who one the challenge, but as Jason commented: “I’m really shocked by the outcome, it had been forever since I had made bolognaise.” Mental note: add “Cordon Bleu-trained chef” to Jason’s resume. My personal favourite tomato pie tart was Celio’s! Yes, after a hiccup in the challenge the day before, Celio was back in the game as smiley and charming as ever. The best crust award went to Eric, as his was flaky and golden. Just how I like my men.


“Man my pie is salty” – Christine

“I’m a pot head” – Mikala the Host (literally, there was a physical pot on her head)

Make sure to watch the videos and stay tuned for the CROWNING CEREMONY for MONTREAL’S 2011 QUEER OF THE COMPETITION!

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