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Calling all gay twinkly stars, furry furry bears, motorbike dykes, fierce trans amazingness, and anything or everything under the Queer rainbow. This is your chance to shine like you were born to! Back by popular demand, this is the second instalment of Montreal’s Queer of the Year. Win a trip to Montreal, win cash prizes and win the glory of Queer of the Year! But first, you gotta find your Q and blow the competition away…

So what exactly is Queer of the Year? Only the most cut-throat competition under the rainbow. A glamourously gruelling week-long queer fest that will test your personality, talent, healthy lifestyle, community spirit and sex appeal. Only 5 finalists will get to duke it out for the Queer Crown, but everyone gets a chance to vie for a spot in the finals. All you have to do is APPLY HERE, answer a few short questions and tell them what your Q is. But what is a Q?

Your Q is what makes you stand out, sets you apart and what makes you shine. It could be a hidden talent, a fierce secret weapon or a known awesome fact. My Q would definitely be my ability to open a wine bottle with just a shoe. And my violin playing skills. After you submit your application, the preliminary selection round begins where semi-finalists will be interviewed! The five finalists will then be asked to make a video explaining themselves to the world. Do you think you have what it takes to make it all the way?

This year, the competition is being hosted by New York based comedienne Mikala Bierma from “Disappointing Gay Best Friend” fame. If you’re not already a fan of her, you will be once you watch these:

I think she is a fabulous choice and I can’t wait to see her work it like the fierce queen she is! Follow the QOTY Twitter feed, the QOTY Youtube channel and the QOTY Facebook page for updates from Mikala and the Queer of the Year team!

So what are the details exactly? Apply. Get an all expenses paid trip to Montreal. Compete. Win. Bask in Queer Fame. Application deadline is June 13 and the competition is from August 7- 15. Leave your A-game at home, but bring your Q game cause stuff will get heated. If you don’t believe me, check out some highlights from last years competition:

So get on and apply! Lifelong friends, memories and the experience of a lifetime awaits you! Show your Q and let your rainbow shine as bright as your personality! I’ll be rooting for everyone that applies because I know this earth has some pretty fabulous people on it…

p.s. I hope Tyler also makes a few appearances. I love his beard.

Guest blogger: James Alexander Dunphy

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