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The Poutine: Fresh french fries, sprinkled with cheese curds, smothered in gravy. Usually people chow down on a poutine at 3AM after the clubs are closed and you need to stuff your face with something naughty and delicious. It’s not the prettiest of sights. Leave it to Queer of the Year to try and make this culinary staple… Sexy?

It all started so innocently. Just a huge (and beautiful) fake poutine glittering in the sunlight. Then the queers came, and the gravy started flying. At the end of the photo shoot it looked more like a poutine massacre. Which I guess is appropriate because that’s usually how you devour a poutine.

Always the team player, Queer of the Year host Mikala Bierma got down and dirty in the sauce along with the contestants. Looking sexy, lady! That gravy really matches your dress.

I must say Topher, a hashtag never looked so tasty. Topher came prepared for competition in this custom designed T featuring the #QOTY2012 hashtag. Too bad it turned out to be a giant gravy napkin.

Shane’s alter ego “Courtney Act” might never be caught dead eating the high-calorie poutine, but Shane is squirming in delight after being creamed with the brown sauce. Where’s the ladle?

Ivette was the only girl of the group, and she showed them boys how it’s done. She made that gravy dripping of those bodacious curves sensual and erotic like only a fierce femme of color can!

I’m sure all these Queer contestants have taken it in the face before. But a bucket of gravy was a whole new viscosity they were not prepared to deal with. They discovered quickly that the same rules apply: Don’t get it in your eye!

Watching Peter perform during Sexy Gravy, one had to think: “I think he’s done this before.” The gravy didn’t kill him, it made him stronger. The glisten of the gravy across that 8-Pack was truly a sight to behold and remember forever. Luckily I took pictures!

After washing gravy out of places where the sun never shines, the contestant went out to popular drag hotspot Mado’s, where they got a special treat of watching their fellow competitor Shane transform into his alter ego “Courtney Act” and bring down the house! What a voice! Ready to vote for your favorite Queer? You have until August 28! Check it out: Queeroftheyearcontest.com

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