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Trivia Time: What global superstar has legs to infinity and beyond, hair full of secrets, and a vocal range that touches the whole Kinsey Scale? The Queer of the Year of course! So let the dogs out, call Oprah, get in your kayak, and let your inner diva shine because the Queer of the Year contestants are paying homage to the one and only: CELINE DION. In drag. Check out behind the scenes photos…All the major moments of Celine’s life all up on stage. Who gives the best Celine face? I say it’s a toss up between mid 90s Peter Celine and Vegas-Era Caleb Celine.

Topher as a wee Celine with a throat full of dreams and song choreography in her arms. The true birth of a mega-star! (I’m talking to you Toph!)

Ivette Celine lends a helping hand zipping Caleb Celine into a tight gold snake skin dress. They may all be divas but they’re still Queer at heart and will always help a sister out!

Real Celine would probably be pretty freaking jealous of Peter Celine’s pipes! What do you get the woman who has everything? An hour with Picciano in a gym. Streisand can join too, if she behaves.

If anyone got really into channeling Celine’s mind, body, and soul. It would be Shane Celine. Or as Shane likes to put it “Shane, as Courtney, as Cher, as Celine.”

And there you have it. 5 Celines. Only one Queer of the Year. Ready to vote? Check out Queeroftheyearcontest.com to watch the Behind the Scenes of The Life of Celine Dion and vote for your favourite Queer!

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