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The “Queer of the Year” has been an international search for the brightest star under the rainbow. Last week, five contestants were flown into Montreal to spend a week competing in various challenges, only one gaining the official title of “Queer of the Year”!

I had the pleasure of hosting this incredible experience. I spent one crazy-ass week with five fantabulous fags from different cities around North America. There were ups and downs, and only one walked away with the title.

So what happens when five gay guys get shoved in a loft for a week?

You need to watch and find out!


Our first day will filled with tons of excitement, and a bit of jitters. But we gave the guys a couple of MOJOS (alcoholic energy drinks), and they seemed to snap back to life. It was an important lesson for me, as a host. Great reality TV moments are born from liquored up stars. From that moment forth, we made sure the cabinets were stocked.

Apart from wondering whether there were any legalities involved with filming drunk homosexuals, I did have some other important questions. Who were these guys? Would they be able to last for a week of challenges? To what depths would they sink to destroy their queer competitors? Where do unicorn babies come from?

It turns out the five guys were PERFECTLY casted. Meet them in this video.

Highlight of the day: Seeing the looks on their faces when they realized they were staying in a frickin’ gorgeous loft!


This was a painfully early day for me. We had to wake up the gays at 6:30 AM, this meant that I had to wake up at 3 AM to put my face on. It takes A LOT of time to look this average!

Okay, so maybe I didn’t wake up THAT early, but you can definitely hear a certain morning rasp in my voice at the start of the clip.

The challenge of the day was to prepare a dish that best reflected the guys’ personalities. Sitting around the table that night was a BLAST. It was our opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper, drunker level. And, with the help of some professional chefs, the guys served up one kick ass meal.

Highlight of the day: Travis taking me hostage with a knife.


For the third day (and second challenge), our dashing contestants had to display their sex appeal through a photo shoot.

It was a certainly a more relaxed schedule than the previous day’s cook-off, so there was some time to chill out and chat with each other on the couches of the fashion studio. Corey, after a late night of partying, honored the custom of any legitimate fashion shoot by a pre-session vomit-fest in the studio bathroom*. This was followed by Travis stating the line that became the catchphrase of the entire week – “You’re perfect for Vogue!”

Highlight of the day: Seeing the guys baring it all for the contest!

*We, at The Montreal Buzz, do NOT encourage or condone any sort of bulimic behavior. Although we might, from time to time, make ironic jokes about it.


Oh, boys will be boys! And sometimes boys will be girls! Day four was one of those average days where a few guys put on some wigs and high heels to dance around on a stage in front of a couple thousand people.

I loved watching them squeal with delight when they realized what song they’d be singing, and I loved it even more when they were on stage, flashing their panties to a screaming audience. I was crying with pride on the sidelines.

Highlight of the day: Watching the queers prance around for the first time in their high heels!


A gay needs to maintain his or her physical health. That’s why we included “Healthy Lifestyle” as one of our five criteria of what would make the best “Queer of the Year.” And to prove their healthy-ness, our queers had to compete in the gayest triathlon ever know to earth!

It was probably our most dramatic day of filming, with Sean and Nathan nearly throwing fists at each other. But the conflict made for a fun clip. In terms of humor, drama and sex appeal, this is probably my favorite video from the whole experience! Thanks for the drama my queens… err… I mean, my queers!

Highlight of the day: After all the drama, getting my shoulders massaged by the outdoor waterfall at Strom Spa.


Today’s western queers are able to frolic around gayly due to the important work done by community-minded, human-rights-advocatin’ individuals of yesteryear. To show their support for Montreal Pride, and the important platform that Pride provides to local community organizations, the guys were asked to do a fundraiser.

And when you have a group of attractive, young men trying to raise money in a gay village, nothing pounds home the dollars like gettin’ down to the skivvies and hosing down some hotrods. Their big gay car wash helped raise a few hundred dollars for Montreal Pride.

Then, of course, there was the awarding of the “Queer of the Year” title! It was a dramatic moment for all of us. What you don’t see is Nathan walking off the stage and disappearing for the night! He thought he had won the title, but Sean inched him out with the public vote.

Did he return? You’ll have to watch day seven to find out!

Highlight of the day: The unapologetically skanky marketing strategy to the car wash!


As a host, it was my job to remain neutral, yet supportive. I wanted all my little queers to succeed! It would break my heart a little bit each day when two contestants would be left off the podium. On this final day of the week, there was no challenge, thus no winners or losers (or disappointments). Just some good ol’ slutty dancing on a fire truck! Like God intended.

The guys displayed impressive stamina, dancing for nearly three hours in the pride parade. Then they rested up and headed out to Unity Nighclub where I witnessed several sloppy makeout sessions on the dance floor!

Highlight of the day: Having all the boys sitting around the dinner table, chatting about what each fella brought to the competition. Despite the differences and the drama, I could see that there was mutual respect and friendship between everyone… sniff sniff! I think I’m having an emotion!


For more behind-the-scenes action, join the Queer of the Year Facebook Page and follow us on twitter @QOTYcontest!


  1. Paul Neudorf

    / Aug 20th

    Bravo for your week with the queers Daniel! It was well done, and I enjoyed watching the video challenges. Travis got my vote, but Sean was a good pick too.


  2. Pat

    / Sep 4th

    Wow! On se croit presque à Toronto. Aucun mot en français. Félicitations!

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