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Queer of the Year 2011 has been a whirlwind roller coaster of a week. From all the finalists laughing together having a great time, to storm outs and wishing someone would break their neck. Although generally the drama was avoided, the last few days did have their moments. From the Community Spirit challenge, the coronation ceremony and the big gay parade, everyone had a great time. But only one was crowned the winner…

THE RIGHTFUL WINNER Jason Wimberly! Jason, oh Jason. I will admit here and now that I did pre-judge what kind of person Jason was going to be before I met him. My first impressions were less than favourable. Oh boy was I wrong! What emerged was a gentile and kind person, with a great sense of humour. While his feet are not exactly firmly planted on the ground, they’re still touching in 6-inch stilettos. Some are saying that maybe Jason didn’t deserve to win, as he already has so much going on in his life. I disagree, he really did win fair and square. Taking first place in five out of the six challenges. He even got the peer vote during the Community Spirit challenge:

So I can say firmly that Jason Wimberly: You got Q. You have sex appeal (look at those abs!), talent (your most pie was… just delicious), personality (and then some), community spirit (represent!) and a healthy lifestyle (you still got second, so werk!).

THE SORE LOSER Now, I’m not one that’s ever interested in getting involved with drama, but there are a few things that happened in the final days of Queer of the Year that do need to be addressed. More specifically, Christine’s attitude. She claims not to be a sore loser but watching her final confessional is almost laughable. My mouth literally fell open when I heard the things she said. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? I just don’t understand how anyone could say that to anyone. All the other runner ups, have been nothing but graceful. Especially Tim, who came second and left with a big smile on his face. I feel like some people were just happy to be there, and she let losing get to her head. Bummer, cause I thought my Brooklyn Girl was going to be all smiles and sunshine for the entire competition! So Christine, you still got plenty of Q, but I think you went the wrong direction when it came to your reaction:

THE PARADE Those rainclouds didn’t rain on our parade! Even with a sad weather forecast, we managed to get nothing but blue skies and sunshine! The gays brought the power of pride, acceptance, and rainbow flags for thousands and thousands of people! The Queer of the Year float was a svelte Firetruck that everyone danced and waved from.

Unfortunately, things did not go without a hitch. After the moment of silence, the firetruck failed to become un-silenced. As in the firetruck broke down and blocked the parade route for about 15 minutes. In a huge surge of pride and community spirit, the parade watchers surrounding the truck all banded together and pushed it off to the side! What a sight! Christine was missing for the first part of the parade due to feeling ill, but luckily she got to join in later on.

Jason rallied for hours and hours and never stopped dancing! Eric and Tim were really fun to look at cause they’re both so pretty. Yenna was always the beautiful flower perched up top with a big smile the entire time. I think everyone had a great day!

A BIG GOODBYE Even with the contest over, we all had an amazing time. I think all of us (contestants, producers, cameramen, editors, gay bloggers, hosts) have fallen in love (some all over again) with Montreal. We all made some life-long friends, and we will never forget this experience! This insider has a scoop that some of the contestants even want to take pro-active steps into making Montreal their home! Let’s hope they do!


  1. sugar

    / Oct 20th

    I have to say that I find it to be in ridiculously poor taste to mention one word about a sore loser. All you’ve done is play into the drama and be a mean boy. Grace allows us to ignore those things beneath us, but immaturity forces us play into it. All competitions have hurt feelings, irritations and a little hissy cat fight here and there. It’s your job to ignore it and reward those with positive attitudes. You don’t see the Miss America pageants taking a time out to let us know who Miss Bitch America is, but everyone knows there are a few bad seeds in every crop of beauty queens. Christine had every right to say what she wanted in that confessional. You can have your opinions, but act professional about it. You don’t need to call her out. The above “Sore Loser” section was ill-conceived and does nothing but derail the reader’s focus from queer friendly Montreal to pouty frenemies.

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