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Over the past few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of hearing folks testify why they might be the “Queer of the Year.” We’ve had people come out of the closet, march alone in their small town pride parade and flex their muscles in hopes of making a lasting impression with you!

It was definitely some tight competition with video entries coming from across North America.

After much humming and hawing, the panel (comprised of representatives at Tourisme Montreal, Montreal Pride and other community members) has made their decision! Here are the five finalists!


The Queen: Nathan Gilligan
Phoenix, Arizona
24 years old


The Freshman: Corey Vautour
Fredericton, New Brunswick
21 years old


The ‘Good Guy’: Blake Spence
Calgary, Alberta
27 years old


The Superstar: Sean Horlor
Vancouver, British Columbia
29 years old


The Designer/Artist Extraordinaire: Travis Mullenix
Loa Angeles, California
21 years old


Stay tuned next week (August 9 – 16)! Each day there will be a video posted that highlights the daily challenges that the five contentants are facing. View it all at www.queeroftheyearcontest.com! Bookmark that shit!

And finally, I know this question might be on the minds of many who have tuned into the contest: “Daniel, why are there no female finalists?”

Good question! The judges ABSOLUTELY wanted to have a diverse group of five finalists, which included women and transfolk. In the end we only had one female entry (and no trans entries), and our female contestant unfortunately could not make it to Montreal for the August 9-16 timeframe!

So we are left to cheer on the boys!

Go boys, go!


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