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Radio Radio recently performed at the Apple Store on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal. I headed down on a warm spring night to see what these Acadian rappers, who rap in a melange of French and English called Chiac, are all about…

I met up with Radio Radio to talk about living in Montreal, jacuzzis, Bota Bota (Montreal’s super-cool spa on the St-Lawrence River) and more. Rue Sainte-Catherine proved to be a fitting locale, not just because they were playing a show at the Apple store there, but because the street is one of the more English parts of the mostly French Montreal and Radio Radio are a group made up of three Acadians who rap in an intoxicating mix of French and English called Chiac. A lot of the time, it can be hard to decipher exactly what they’re saying, but truthfully it doesn’t matter. The songs speak for themselves.

The group has come a long way from Tele Tele, their first EP released in 2007. In 2010, they were shortlisted for the prestigious Polaris Award (which was won by Montreal band Karkwa) for their most recent offering, Belmundo Regal, which has been garnering critical acclaim for its infectious melodies, playful style and humour. No matter how you slice it, Radio Radio are a refreshing change from the seriousness that many lesser bands fall victim to. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t take things, like jacuzzis for instance, very seriously. They’re about to embark on a big tour, so do yourself a favour and check out their tour page to see when you can catch them in Montreal next. And go see a live show at the Apple store while you contemplate how desperately you need a new iPad.

Guest Blogger: Sophie Naima Caird


Apple Store Sainte-Catherine, 1321 Rue Ste-Catherine, (514) 906-8400

Radio Radio, Bonsound Records


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    Link didn’t hover properly sorry. Apple Store Montreal

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