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Posted on May 14th, 2009 by .

Last Sunday, I rode a whopping 52 km at the Montréal Bike Fest! After a mega-achievement like that I really needed some fuel, but I didn’t want to fill up on anything unhealthy (lest that virtuous feeling slip away all too quickly). So, I stopped in at Crudessence, a Montréal’s only raw food vegan restaurant and I ordered a burger… A raw burger, that is.
A couple of years ago, I read about the raw food movement and I jumped right into it. For two whole weeks. You see, it’s not easy to eat raw food all the time. You need lots of special utensils to prepare your meals with, and to tell you the truth, all those nuts ended up driving me bananas. I found it a little monotonous. But I must admit I had much more energy.
So anyway, Crudessence’s Om burger consists of: chia, buckwheat and sunflower seed bread paired with a mushroom and dried tomato patty. Simply delicious! Everything is prepared in-house, from the mustard to the ketchup to the bread…
If you think vegan or raw food is not for you, the dessert section might be a good option! The chocolate cake was divine. Made with dates, almonds, cashews, lemon, raw cocoa, and carob, it’s both dense and moist. Plus, with all those healthy ingredients, it’s practically a meal in and of itself!
According to the manager, Crudessence is the only restaurant in Montréal serving organic, vegan raw food, entirely gluten and soy free. It’s a great destination if you’re the kind of person who watches their health more carefully than their budget.
105 Rachel Street West
Business Hours
Everyday from 10 am to 10 pm
Average bill (before tax, alcohol and tip) for 2 people: $40
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