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THE MONTRÉAL BUZZ is a space for travelers and locals to congregate and to stay au courant with the best that is happening in the city.  And nothing can communicate good times and stunning places like a photograph. So we got pulled out our hammers and nails and built ourselves a fun new flickr group. And after a strenuous brainstorming session, we decided to call it “THE MONTRÉAL BUZZ.”

If you have Montréal photos to share, please join the fun! Each week we’ll select one photo to feature on the blog.

This week’s photo is courtesy of traveler, photographer, consultant and hip Montréaler, Mr. Daniel Seguin. It features a man breakdancing!

“But where will I find such fun times?” you ask.

Well, dear friends, a couple of times a year Boulevard Saint Laurent, or “The Main” as it’s informally referred, becomes a fiesta of bargain shopping, street performers, delicious food vendors and people-watching. If this sounds good to you, make sure you are in Montréal on June 10 – 13, June 17 – 20 or August 26 – 29.

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