Rediscovering Meat

Posted on February 13th, 2009 by .

Confession: Throughout my twenties, I considered myself a social carnivore. What does that mean? It means I ate meat now and then, but never at home. In fact, I found that the less I ate meat, the less I enjoyed it.

So, why did I start eating meat again? I guess first you should know why I never cut it out entirely:

-Eating is a social activity. When you have a restricted diet (or you are quite simply a picky eater) it can be really hard to agree with friends on which restaurant to go to. Plus, I never wanted my friends to feel like they had to make something special just for me when I was invited over for dinner. I guess I just didn’t want to make waves.

-I’ve travelled quite a bit in my life, and I’ve realized that if your body isn’t used to it, eating meat can make you feel sick. So, occasional meat eating was kind of like cross-training my digestive system, preparing it for the unexpected, like a month in the Chinese countryside, where my “vegetarian” dumplings were suspiciously meaty.

And now that writing about food is my full-time gig, I decided to buck up and try as many types of meat as I can. I’ve eaten seal, Afghan lamb, foie gras, and sweet breads. And you know what? I loved it.

Yes, it’s true. I’m rediscovering the pleasure of eating meat. It’s good stuff. Soft, juicy, tasty! Plus, I’ve lost weight and I have more energy.

So the question is, why do vegetarians deprive themselves from this pleasure?

What are your thoughts on meat? Love it or hate it?
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Thanks to Le maître Gourmet butcher shop, on Laurier Street for the leg of lamb.

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