Relax at Montréal’s Botanical Garden

Posted on June 17th, 2009 by .

Spent Saturday night out drinking wine on a patio or dancing like you were 21 all over again? Looking for something tranquil to do on Sunday that doesn’t involve hanging with hippies at the Mount Royal Tam-Tams or sweating away to the heavy beats of Piknic Electronik?

Let me suggest a beautiful and relaxing day at Montréal’s Botanical Garden. It’s the perfect activity to regain your balance, reconnect with nature and enjoy some time with your girlfriends in a peaceful setting.

The botanical garden was by far my favourite place as a child.  I used to go there for summer camp every year. I had my own garden, learned about plants and flowers and grew vegetables. What I didn’t know then is that Montréal’s Botanical Garden is a world leader in terms of the variety of plants grown – second only to London’s Kew Gardens.

Sadly, I don’t remember half the names of the trees I could identify as a child. Yet, some things haven’t changed, like the big willow tree by the ponds and the ducks that bathe there. I still like to go sit by the water with a good book and a blanket . . . For me, it’s the perfect afternoon getaway. Another personal favourite is the Chinese Garden, which never ceases to amaze me with all its shapes, colours and contrasts. Then there’s the Rose Garden, which still manages to make me feel like a princess. 

Last week I wrote a post entitled Top Ten Reasons to Go on a Girls Getaway and among the most popular answers was to reconnect with old dreams, feel inspired, let go and relax. If you can relate to this, bring your girlfriends for a stroll at the outdoor gardens, take the time to catch up, laugh, and smell the flowers. There’s nothing like the beauty and graciousness of nature to help us unfrazzle, gain perspective and perhaps even heal a few damaged parts. 
Montréal Botanical Garden
4581 Sherbrooke Street East
(Metro Pie IX)
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