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Robert Laliberté’s illustrious career as a photographer has spanned 35 years, and he still has plenty to say with his photography. From July 13 to August 9, 2011, Laliberté’s new exposition Transformations will be at Galerie Dentaire in the Gay Village…

Transformations is the latest body of work from the famed Robert Laliberté. It explores many different types of transformations and is described as “visual poetry”, saying that each photograph can be interpreted in a unique way by different people. The only thing Laliberté doesn’t want anyone to feel is “nothing”.

“I hope not a single person leaves without feeling some sort of emotion from my photos,” says Laliberté. I was treated to a small sneak peek of this year’s collection and emotions do run high in these pieces. Some are deeply personal to Laliberté, one in particular, Angel, focuses on some of his friends during his life that have died from AIDS. This exposition has a more classic Laliberté feel to it, going back to the themes of blending the male figure with nature. The link Laliberté draws between the two is that we are all organic beings.

In Transformations there will be 21 pieces, with over 60 photographs integrated within. This exhibit will be his second show that uses digital processing to create a transformation in his photos. Although it will be nothing like his last show, which took lots of photoshop and 5-6 photographs to create intricate designs and creatures. This exhibit takes a much more subtle approach, using photoshop in a much more direct way to tell the stories in his photographs. Traditionally, Laliberté seems to use god-like masculine bodies, toned objects of desire. However, Laliberté says that he uses many different types and shapes of bodies. His ease and expertise in photographing men started when he began shooting the covers of Fugues Magazine (a gay-centric magazine published in Montreal). To date, he has shot well over 150 Fugues covers, something he attributes as an important milestone in developing his career as a photographer.

So when anyone is in town walking around the Gay Village during Divers/Cité or Montreal Pride, be sure to pop into Galerie Dentaire. The show is being produced by Kat Coric ART + IDEAS and is sure to bring your through a journey of emotions, beauty, nature and the human form.


Robert Laliberté’s TRANSFORMATIONS, July 13 – August 9, 2011

Galerie Dentaire, 1239 Amherst, (514) 523-5535

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